Lesson Title: Community Helpers
Curriculum Area: Social Studies
Technology Strand: Keyboard Util./Desktop Pub./Word Processing
Grade Level: 1
Essential Question: What are jobs that people in our community do?
A Activity Summary Students will view and interact with a PowerPoint presentation on Community Helpers then use Inspiration to create a concept map about the helpers. Students will use a Microsoft Word trading card template to write what they learned about a community helper of their choice.
C Curriculum Social Studies
2.02 Identify the roles of leaders in the home, school, and community such as parents, mayor, police officers, principal, and teacher.
T Technology Keyboard Util./Desktop Pub./Word Processing
2.04 Identify and use basic word processing terms (e.g., file, open, close, menu bar, save, print).
2.05 Locate and use letters, numbers, and special keys (e.g., arrow keys, space bar, insert Enter/Return, Backspace, Delete) on the keyboard.  
Activating Strategies
We will begin our lesson by having students to pair with a partner. In groups of two, students will have two minutes each to talk about their parents' job. The student whose class number is the smallest will talk first. After two minutes I will signal the students to let the other partner can talk for two minutes. As a whole class, we will make a list some of the jobs.
Technology Vocabulary: 
Detailed Technology Instructions:
Cognitive Teaching Strategies
We will begin by viewing a PowerPoint presentation on community helpers (firefighter, teacher, police, veterinarian, dentist, doctor). Each slide on the presentation will have a sound clue in the bottom right corner. The teacher will click the sound icon (speaker) to give the students a clue to guess the community helper. The students will share what they know about each job presented. The teacher will fill in any gaps or misperceptions that the students have about community helpers so that they will understand the role of these leaders in the community.

We will go to the computer lab. Once we are in the lab, as a whole class, we will create a concept map about community helpers using Inspiration. The focus of the concept map to identify the jobs that are done by each community helper that was presented in the PowerPoint. The teacher will enter the data with input from the students. A presentation station, with projector and larger screen will be used so that students will be able to see.

After we create the concept map, I will use the laser printer to print out one concept map for each student. Students will be asked to use the information from the concept map to make a trading card about one community helper of their choice.

Students will be guided to open trading card template on a community helper of their choice. I will help students who need assistance. (The templates will be stored on the Student Activities server in the 1Templates folder.)

Next they will type three facts about their community helper that tell about the helper's job on the trading card. Students will then print their document. We will return to the classroom.
Summary Strategies
Students will share their trading cards with at least two other students in the class. We will use the inside-outside circle strategy to share this information. Students will be sharing the name of their community helper and the job this person does.

Students will form two circles facing each other. Then they will talk to the person facing them. I will instruct students to rotate two times and repeat this procedure.
For directions on how to download files choose: Mac (Kid Pix or Microsoft  Works), Windows (Kid Pix or Microsoft Works or Office), or Mac/PC (AppleWorks).
Presentation Station (computer, projector, screen)

Microsoft PowerPoint File
**These sound files need to be downloaded into the same folder as the PowerPoint file.
Right-click and choose "Save Target As" to download each file.
brushing teeth.wav

Inspiration File

Microsoft Word Files

For Reference and Re-Teaching
Richard Scarry's Busy Workers book
Richard Scarry's Busy People video
Richard Scarry’s Community Helper video and book

Re-teaching and Enrichment Activities
Students who need more help will watch Richard Scarry’s Busy People video. I will put the book to this video in the reading center along with other community helper books. Students will also make community helper hats. Students will also have the opportunity to complete a crossword puzzle about community helpers.

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