Lesson Title: Exploring/Comparing Pilgrim Children: Molly's Pilgrim
Curriculum Area: Social Studies
Technology Strand: Uses technology but does not address a technology strand
Grade Level: 3
Essential Question: How are pilgrims today from the past alike and different from pilgrims of today?
A Activity Summary Students will work in centers to explore and compare Pilgrims of the past to modern day. Prior to this lesson students will have read the book, Molly's Pilgrim by Barbara Cohen.
C Curriculum Social Studies
3.02 Describe how individuals, events, and ideas change over time.
T Technology Uses technology but does not address a technology strand
Activating Strategies
5 minutes
Anticipation /Reaction Guide
Students will react to the Anticipation/Reaction Guide by responding to four statements about pilgrims. Students will ONLY complete the Before sections of the guide. The guide is available in the file, AR_pilgrim in the resources section.
Technology Vocabulary: Word Processing Vocabulary
Detailed Technology Instructions:
Cognitive Teaching Strategies
5-10 minutes

Introduce lesson: Tell purpose of lesson and show essential question.
Vocabulary: tenement, synagogue, corkscrew curls, snorted, clothespin, embroidered, kerchief
Explain what the definition of a pilgrim as a traveler who goes to a new place to live for a variety of reasons. Discuss some of the reasons a person may move to a new place. Call upon students to recall the reason Molly was a pilgrim in the story, Molly's Pilgrim

Class organization for Center Activities: Divide class into 4 teams, Groups are known prior to beginning lesson.
Group 1: Memory quilts
Group 2: Timeline
Group 3: Art
Group 4: Teacher Directed Center-Circle Diagram

Groups will advance to the next center at 15-minute intervals, until all centers have been visited. Teacher will alert students when 5 minutes are remaining. At teachers signal students will advance to the next center. (Signals: clapping hands, bell, timer, etc.)

Explain Center Activities:
Memory Quilt: (15 minutes)
At this center students will be given the Picture Box template (see resources). Students will illustrate with supplies of crayons, markers, color pencils, a picture which represents why a person becomes a pilgrim.

Assistant will help students using a word processing program to type a sentence about their picture. Assistant will then print the sentences and cut and paste them onto the studentís picture.

Completed pictures and sentences will then be placed in our classroom Memory Quilt. To assemble a Memory Quilt, purchase fabric or use poster board paper as the quilt back, size is up to you and the space available in your classroom. Velcro plastic sheet protectors to the quilt back in rows and columns to represent quilt blocks. Then insert students work. Make one of the sheet protectors a Memory Quilt Title. This project can be reused throughout the year.

Timeline Center: (15 minutes)
Timeline of the sequence that events occurred in the book.
Timeline taped to table. Sentences are to be placed on the line in the order they occurred in the story. Students are to record the events on paper in the correct order and illustrate the story.

Art Center: (15 minutes)
Cut out and dress a pilgrim - Paper Doll Activity
1. Go to the website: http://www.bry-backmanor.org/actpag115.html and print the paper doll pattern. Duplicate this for the students.
2. In the center have fabric scraps, crayons, scissors, glue, and markers available for students to use to create their Pilgrim paper doll outfit.

Teacher Directed Center: Circle Diagram (15 minutes)
The teacher will print and duplicate the file: Circle_Diagram. In the center circle write the characterís name (Molly).
In the larger circle surrounding the small one, write words that describe this person.
In the large square, write words that describe yourself.
Compare the words in the two circles. Are any of the words alike? Call upon students to share the similarities.
Summary Strategies
Anticipation/Reaction guide- Students will react to the statements in the after section of the AR guide according to what they have learned.
For directions on how to download files choose: Mac (Kid Pix or Microsoft  Works), Windows (Kid Pix or Microsoft Works or Office), or Mac/PC (AppleWorks).
Book Mollyís Pilgrim by Barbara Cohen ISBN: 0688162800

Online Resource for Paper Doll Pattern: http://www.bry-backmanor.org/actpag115.html

Quilt Center: crayons, markers, color pencils, glue - Velcro, plastic sheet protectors and 4'x 3' piece of cloth or paper for quilt
Timeline Center: 2" x 36" strip of paper for timeline
Art Center: fabric scraps, crayons, scissors, glue, and markers

Microsoft Word Files and Templates
Re-teaching and Enrichment Activities
Use a Venn Diagram to compare/contrast Molly and Will.

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