Lesson Title: Alternative Book Report Brochure
Curriculum Area: English Language Arts
Technology Strand: Keyboard Util./Desktop Pub./Word Processing
Grade Level: 7
Essential Question: What are the essential components of a novel that I must use to create my book review.
A Activity Summary Students will choose an alternative activity to a regular book report. They will choose from a playbill or a book brochure. Using a trifold template, the students will enter the required information into the template using desk top publishing, draw tools, and word processing. Students will need to have read a book for a book report prior to this activity.
C Curriculum English Language Arts
1.02 Explore expressive materials that are read, viewed, and heard by:
-generating a learning log or journal.
-maintaining an annotated list of works read/viewed.
-creating an artistic interpretation that connects self and/or society to the selection.
-constructing and presenting book/media reviews.
-taking an active role in formal and informal book talks/discussions.
T Technology Keyboard Util./Desktop Pub./Word Processing
3.07 Demonstrate use of WP/DTP features/functions to design, format, layout, and publish assignments.  
Activating Strategies
Download attached CLOZE activity (cloze.doc) in a place where students can access the file. Students should be directed to open the document and complete the CLOZE activity that discusses the story elements. Students should highlight and delete the blank line, and type in their answer. After students have had time to complete the activity, project the document using a projector or other device, and complete the activity as a class.
This can also be done on paper, if needed.
Technology Vocabulary: Word Processing Vocabulary
Detailed Technology Instructions:
Cognitive Teaching Strategies
Download and print brochure template (trifold.doc). Download and print brochure.doc and playbill.doc. Make one copy of each document for students.
The day before going to the computer lab, hand out the copies of the brochure template (trifold.doc) for students to create a planning sheet for use in the computer lab (see requirements.doc and playbill.doc for assignment descriptions). At this time, hand out brochure requirements and playbill requirements, discuss with students, and assist as needed as they create their plans.
Download the brochure template (trifold.doc) and save it so that students can access it in the computer lab.
In the computer lab, direct students to open the brochure template (trifold.doc). Be sure that drawing toolbar is showing.
Demonstate for students how to delete the titles at the top of each column on the template and add their own information. Students will use their planning sheet to guide them in creating their product in Word.
Students should edit and save their work before printing.
Students will turn in printed copies of their work.
Summary Strategies
Shaping Up Review
Download Shaping_Up.doc and save it so that students can access it in the computer lab.
Direct students to open Shaping_Up.doc. Display with projector or on the TV with the AverKey to go over instructions with students.
Students follow instructions by typing specific information in the shapes.
Students should print their completed sheet and turn it in for teacher review.
Click for directions on how to download files on a Windows computer. 
Microsoft Word Files
Re-teaching and Enrichment Activities
Students will write a book recommendation to be published on World of Reading website (www.worldofreading.org).

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