Lesson Title: Tears of a Tiger
Curriculum Area: English Language Arts
Technology Strand: Keyboard Util./Desktop Pub./Word Processing
Grade Level: 8
Essential Question: How do I organize my ideas to demonstrate my understanding of a specific character from a novel?
A Activity Summary Students will create a character cube summarizing a character from Sharon Draper's novel, Tears of a Tiger.
C Curriculum English Language Arts
5.01 Increase fluency, comprehension, and insight through a meaningful and comprehensive reading program by:
- using effective reading strategies to match type of text.
- reading self-selected literature and other materials of interest to the individual.
- reading literature and other materials selected by the teacher.
- assuming a leadership role in student-teacher reading conferences.
- leading small group discussions.
- taking an active role in whole class seminars.
- analyzing the effects of elements such as plot, theme, characterization, style, mood, and tone.
- discussing the effects of such literary devices as figurative language, dialogue, flashback, allusion, irony, and symbolism.
- analyzing and evaluating themes and central ideas in literature and other texts in relation to personal and societal issues.
T Technology Keyboard Util./Desktop Pub./Word Processing
3.05 Select and use WP/DTP features/functions to develop, edit/revise, and publish documents/assignments.  
Activating Strategies
Hot Seat
  1. Prior to the beginning of class, the teacher will prepare questions related to the characters in the novel, Tears of a Tiger, and write them on sticky notes.
  2. Place the sticky notes underneath student desks/chairs so that they are hidden from view.
  3. At the start of class, inform the students that several of them are sitting on "Hot Seats" and will be asked to answer questions related to Tears of a Tiger.
  4. Students who have questions on sticky notes will then take turns reading the question and attempting to provide an answer.
Hot Seat Questions for Tears of a Tiger.
  • Who are the main characters in the novel?
  • Who is fatally injured in the beginning of the novel?
  • Who is Keisha dating?
  • Whose idea was it to get beer after the basketball game?
  • Who was driving the car?
  • Who is Monty?
  • Which character returns to church?
  • Who is BJ? Does he drink?
  • What is a suicide prevention team?
Technology Vocabulary:
Detailed Technology Instructions:
Cognitive Teaching Strategies
Tears of a Tiger Cube
  1. Download and a save the Character_Cube.doc file for each student to access.
  2. Download, print and make copies for each student the Cube_Requirements.doc.
  3. Before going to the computer lab, hand out character cube requirements.
  4. In the lab, students should open the Characte_Cube.doc file
  5. After opening the file, students will proceed to complete each side of the cube according to the requirements.
  6. Students will create their character cube, proofread, and print.
  7. Scissors and glue can be taken to the computer lab for students to put their cube together once it is printed or cubes can be taken back to the classroom for completion.
Summary Strategies
ABC Review
  1. Pass around a bucket/hat with a set of letter tiles inside.
  2. Students will pull out a letter tile.
  3. Using the tile drawn, students are to recall topics concerning Tears of a Tiger as a review of the novel.
A-Andy committed suicide.
B-Burying grief to others
C-Carrothers counsels Andy
D-Drinking and driving
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Novel-Tears of a Tiger
Sticky notes for Hot Seat
Alphabet tiles for summarizing activity

Microsoft Word Files
Re-teaching and Enrichment Activities
1. Students can research alcoholism and report on its effects on teenagers.
2. Students can research the steps in the grieving process and then reflect on how Andy went through each step in the novel.

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