Anticipation/Reaction Guide

Purpose:  Activate and evaluate prior knowledge

Description:  Using the Anticipation/Reaction Guide, students will make predictions based upon prior knowledge and evaluate those predictions after exposure to new information.


1.     Generate a list of 8-10 statements related to your topic of study.  Place these on an Anticipation/Reaction Guide.

2.     Pass out a copy of your guide to each student.

3.     Prior to introducing new information, engage students by having them write whether or not they AGREE or DISAGREE with the statements listed on the guide.

4.     Teach your lesson content.

5.     After the new content has been taught, have students react to the new information by responding again to the statements on the Anticipation/Reaction Guide.

6.     Discuss why their before and after answers are different.  What did students learn that caused them to change their answers?

Buehl, D. (2001).  Classroom strategies for interactive learning.  Newark, DE:  International Reading Association.


Sample Anticipation/Reaction Guides


from Instructional Strategies for Engaging Learners
Guilford County Schools TF, 2002

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