Learning Frames

Purpose:  To increase comprehension by focusing student learning within a controlled context

Description: Learning frames are a sequence of spaces connected by key language elements to help students focus their learning. The purpose is threefold: 1) to provide a framework to guide students' understanding and responding; 2) to give a structured format to follow for engaging in a writing activity; 3) to help students develop independent comprehension strategies.


  1. Display a transparency copy of the Learning Frame on an overhead. Explain to the students that this frame, like the frame of a new house, will allow them to fill the blanks with information from what they just learned.
  2. Model the Learning Frame by filling in the frame using information learned in the day's lesson.
  3. Read the frame aloud.
  4. Next, pass out a blank Learning Frame to each student.
  5. Allow students to fill out their Learning Frames in a manner which reflects what they learned from the day's lesson.

Wood, K. (2001). Literacy strategies across the subject areas. Needham Heights, MA: Allyn & Bacon.

Sample Learning Frames  for the Internet

Learning Frames Activity Sheet


from Instructional Strategies for Engaging Learners
Guilford County Schools TF, 2002

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