Meet the Authors and Illustrators!


The people who write and illustrate books for young people are very special! Think of all the wonderful books we have to thank them for. In this webquest you will learn about some of the other people behind the scenes who also make books possible. Then you become the publicist for an author or illustrator of you choice.

After learning about the jobs involved in publishing a book, you will "interview" an author or illustrator by visiting his or her web site; read at least three of the author or illustrator's books and create a brochure or poster with personal facts about the author or illustrator as well as information about his or her books.

The Process:

Click on How a Book is Made to view a slide show about the process of making a book including the work of the author, illustrator, editor, and others involved in creating a book.

How a Book is Made

A Publicist is the person who spreads the word about the work of an author or illustrator. Part of the job of a publicist is to create promotional posters or brochures about the author.

You have the lucky job of publicizing the work of an author or illustrator of your choice.

Print out the Interview sheet.

Choose an author or illustrator from the following web site and click on the link to visit his or her web site.

Awesome Authors on the Web

Check your school and/or public library catalog for books by the author or illustrator. Locate at least three of the books to read. Use the books to complete the author interview.

Create a brochure or poster to share what you have learned.

Print out this rubric to see what you should include.

Poster rubric


Created by Sue Kimmel, Librarian, Archer Elementary School

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