Discovering the Life Cycle of the Butterfly


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Butterflies are beautiful insects!! Their wings have vibrant colors and allow them to soar all over the USA. It takes about 10-15 days before a butterfly comes to life and you will discover how!!

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The Task:

To learn and explore how a butterfly comes to life through "Metamorphosis".

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The Process: (What to do)

At the computer:

Read all directions before you click.

  1. Print this butterflyStoryboard.
  2. Click on Butterfly Life Cycle.
  3. Begin by viewing the first stage of the life cycle: The Egg. egg
  4. Read and answer the questions on the storyboard.
  5. Draw a picture of the butterfly at this stage of its life cycle.
  6. When finished, click on Larva. larva
    Answer the questions and draw the larva stage on your paper.
  7. When finished, click on Pupa.pupa
    Answer the questions and draw the pupa stage on your paper.
  8. When finished, click on Adult. adult butterfly
    Answer the questions and draw the adult stage on your paper.

When the storyboard is complete, use the Go Menu to return to Metamorphosis - Life Cycle of the Butterfly.

  1. Click on Resources. Click on the Butterfly Puzzle.
  2. Use the Back button to return to the WebQuest Resources. Click on Nature - The Body Changers to learn about other animals who experience metamorphosis.


At the computer, step 2:
Use Kid Pix to create a Slide Show showing the metamorphosis through the 4 stages of the Butterfly Life Cycle. Your slide show is to have:


In the classroom:

Study each picture and learn the names of each stage. Make sure you can describe each stage in metamorphosis.

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Enchanted Learning Life Cycle of a Butterfly

Butterfly Puzzle

Nature - The Body Changers

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Students will complete the Life Cycle graphic organizer and be able to state and explain each stage of Metamorphosis.

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Upon completion of the task, students will be able to state the 4 stages of a butterfly's life, recognize how each stage looks and explain what happens in each stage.


This WebQuest was adapted by Cindy Cooper from Blooming Butterfly WebQuest by Linda Lofton.

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