The Wright Brothers


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Wilbur and Orville Wright were famous inventors and leaders in the field of aviation. Their work uncovered the basic secrets of flight. You are going to learn many amazing facts about these brothers and why they changed the world. For example did you know:


The Task:

With a partner, research more information about the Wright Brothers. You will complete a "Did You Know Report," create an appropriate visual aid, and create your own paper airplane. You will need to take notes about the Wright Brothers. At the end of your research, you will prepare a "Did You Know Report" using ten of your best facts and share about your visual aid. You will also create your own paper airplane and enter it in a paper airplane contest. Both the report and paper airplane will be shared with your classmates.


The Process:

At the computer:

Read all directions before you click.

Go to Resources. Click on the links to view, read and then take notes about the Wright Brothers and how to create your paper airplane.

Plan to find and list at least thirty facts about the Wright Brothers.



In the classroom:

  1. Use your notes and choose your best ten facts to prepare your "Did You Know Report."
  2. Use a word processing program to write your report.
  3. Plan and prepare your visual aid.
  4. Practice with your partner, your presentation of your "Did You Know Report."
  5. Present your report to your classmates completing a self evaluation form.
  6. Create your own paper airplane and enter the classroom contest.



View, read and take notes to be prepared to do a "Did You Know Report," visual aid, and create a paper airplane.

The Wright Brothers Henry Ford Museum Online Exhibits

Secrets Of Flight

Paper Airplane Contest



Materials Needed:


Materials for visual aid


The students will evaluate themselves based on the following criteria:


Click to view and print an evaluation for completion?


After completing the Wright Brothers' WebQuest, listening to the "Did You Know Reports," and creating your own paper airplane, you will have discovered why the Wright Brothers changed the world.


This webquest was created by Sharon Goldschmidt who is a teacher at Pleasant Garden Elementary in the Guildford County School System.

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