The Deciduous Forest

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North Carolina is in the biome known as the temperate deciduous zone . The most outstanding characteristic of this zone is the changing of seasons through the complete cycle of spring, summer, fall, and winter. This quest will introduce you to this biome and its most outstanding characteristic. You will learn many things about your natural environment and how living things, both plant and animal, have adapted to the changing of the seasons.


The Task

You will be working in pairs to complete the process below. Both you and your partner will need to participate actively. All activities will be done in the computer lab under the supervision of the media coordinator, computer technician, and your classroom teacher. When you have completed these activities, you should be able to answer certain questions outlined on a worksheet which you will print out and use as you are reading from a website. In addition, you should become familiar with the vocabulary words; they will help you understand what you are reading.


The Process:

At the computer:

Read all directions before you click.

  1. Click on Vocabulary to go to a glossary of words about this subject. Print out this list and use it to help you understand as you are reading.
  2. Click on Worksheet and print it out. Answer the questions as you read from the website below.
  3. Click on What's It Like Where You Live?. Complete the worksheet using this website. When you are finished, follow the directions on the worksheet about what to do next.
  4. When you have completed #1 - 3 above, you may enjoy visiting the websites below. When you are completely finished, go to File and Quit.



If you enjoyed the website above, you may also enjoy looking at the ones below. Some of them tell us specifically about our own North Carolina. When you want to quit the website, click and hold on Go and scroll down to The Deciduous Forest.

To learn more about What's It Like Where You Live?:


Other sites to visit:

More about other ecosystems:

About NC:

Blue Ridge Mountains:



Turn your worksheet in to your teacher. You may click on Scoring Rubric to see how she will grade your participation.



Now that you have completed the Temperate Deciduous Forest Webquest, you have learned many things about the biome in which you live. Come back and revisit this quest and the websites on it whenever you want to know more.

Becky Holt
Lindley Elementary School

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