Scavenger Hunt Item List

Directions: Print out a copy of this list so that you can check off items as you find them. Pay attention to point values.

"Good Luck, everyone."

Internet Items

  1. What is the value of pi to 100 or more decimal places? (10 points)
  2. Make a list of geometry terms (plus definitions) that all begin with the same letter. (1 point each...up to 15 max)
  3. What are the Platonic Solids and what do they look like? (15 points)
  4. What are the names of 2 types of Non-Euclidean Geometries? (10 points)
  5. How many books in Euclid's Elements ? What is the title of Book Thirteen?(10 points)
  6. Find a web site/ envelope/ letterhead/ business card with a geometric logo. (10 points)
  7. What are 3 devices used to measure angles? (15 points)
  8. Find 3 female mathematicians. What is their nationality or country, birth date and what was their contribution to math and science? (15 points)
  9. What is a tessellation? Include a picture of a tessellation. (10 points)
  10. Find a comic that involves math. Print it out. Why it is humorous? (15 points)
  11. What is the number of hexagons and pentagons on an "official" soccer ball? (10 points)
  12. Visit one of the following sites, print out and answer the Problem of the Week. Site #1 Site #2 (20 points)
  13. Locate a picture of a work of art, print it and describe its geometric pattern(s). (10 points)
  14. Visit a Web site about "Pi Day". When is it? Describe an activity that has been done on Pi Day OR e-mail me a Pi day Greeting Card. ( (10 points)
  15. Visit the following web site A Plus Math and play MATHO or the Hidden Picture game. Give a brief description of your individual game [ex: what was the hidden picture, what was your time and type of MATHO (vertical, horizontal, oblique)] (10 points)
  16. Visit the Math in Daily Life web site. Pick an activity, explore the activity and write a summary of what you did and learned from it. (15 points)
  17. The names of the math teachers at Dudley High School, first and last names spelled correctly. (10 points)
  18. Visit a Geometry Web Site of your choice. Give its URL and a brief description of why you chose it/ why it is interesting. (10 points)
  19. Find pictures of traffic signs and the various shapes of traffic signs. What is the significance of each shape? (1 point each...up to 10 max)
  20. Create your own scavenger hunt item for the Internet. Give the URL of the Web site where this item can be found. (10 points)


Non-Internet Items (Must be on 8 1/2 by 11 paper)

  1. A classified ad for a surveyor or cartographer. (10 points)
  2. An advertisement that contains different sizes of the same shape. (10 points)
  3. An advertisement that contains vertical angles. (10 points)
  4. An advertisement that uses a conditional statement. (10 points)
  5. Ad advertisement that uses concentric circles. (10 points)
  6. UPC bar codes from 3 different sizes of the same product. (15 points)



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