Third Grade

Bead Quest
Beads have been used for many years by people around the world for creating patterns in jewelry, clothing, and other practical and decorative items. Join us for an excursion to learn about this fascinating subject, then create your own patterns.

Can You Make "Cents" of Economics?
How well our country is doing is linked to our economy, so it is important that the economy is doing well. Through this WebQuest you will learn just how economics affects your life daily.

The Deciduous Forest
North Carolina is in the biome known as the temperate deciduous zone . The most outstanding characteristic of this zone is the changing of seasons through the complete cycle of spring, summer, fall, and winter. This quest will introduce you to this biome and its most outstanding characteristic. You will learn many things about your natural environment and how living things, both plant and animal, have adapted to the changing of the seasons.

Fun With Fables
Is it a fable or a fairy tale? How do you tell the difference? Let's find out!

Inventor Who Changed Our World
Did you ever wonder what your life would be like if we did not have electric lights, washing machines, cars, or computers? Our world changes every time there is an important invention.

We will learn about the lives of great inventors and how they achieved their goals. Take a moment to think about which inventions are most important to you. Through this exploration you may discover how these inventions were created!

Is Earth the Only One?
Do you know the name of the 9 planets in the galaxy called the Milky Way? You will visit the various planets using the internet in order to answer the question; "Why is Earth the Only Planet You Can Live On?"

Junior Astronaut
Have you ever wanted to become an astronaut and travel in space? As you begin your training as a junior crew member, learn interesting facts about an astronaut and how to become one. You will take a virtual tour in a mission control and flight deck room.

Learn About Authors!
The people who write and illustrate books for young people are very special! Think of all the wonderful books we have to thank them for. In this WebQuest you will learn about some of the other people behind the scenes who also make books possible. Then you become the publicist for an author or illustrator of you choice.

Lemonade Stand
This WebQuest will help students learn about the importance of individual jobs in the community. Students will apply the terms "specialization" and division of labor" in operating their own business.

Many Faces of the Moon
Travel through space and time to learn the many faces of the moon and to answer the questions: Is the moon really made of cheese? Where does the moon go after 29-31 days? The purpose of this space journey is to learn about the moon phases and to find out what the moon is made of.

Map Adventure
Welcome to Map Adventure! You are going to learn about different types of maps and be able to locate your home address on a map.

Planet Project
Have you ever wanted to travel through space? Well, here's your chance to do so without actually leaving earth! With a partner or by yourself you will research two planets.
In this WebQuest you will research planets and present your information to the class.

Most plants have 6 basic parts. You will find out what they are and what they do for the plant. Then using that information, you will create a game or activity to teach someone else about plant parts.

Presidents' Day
Welcome to our Presidents' Day Web Quest on President George Washington and President Abraham Lincoln. You are a time traveler, going back in time to discover facts about these presidents. You will discover that Washington and Lincoln are among our most honored presidents. You will also find that they are our country's most beloved presidents. In this WebQuest you will find many interesting facts about these presidents, as you travel back in time to explore our national history.

Simple Machines
"In this WebQuest you will learn definitions and to identify examples of simple machines. You will then be able to investigate various compound and complex machines and locate examples of each simple machine defined. This information will enable you to create a new compound machine to solve a problem. " Simple Machines WebQuest