It's All Greek To Me in Social Studies Too!!


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During this grading period we are learning about Ancient Greece, Greek Mythology, Constellations, and Greek Mathematicians. This interactive activity will allow you to explore these different topics at your own pace.


The Task:

There are 3 main projects you will need to complete by the end of this unit.

  1. Research one Greek God or Goddess and prepare a formal presentation.
  2. Participate in grade level Seminar, using a popular Greek Myth.
  3. Turning in a packet of quizzes and worksheets compiled from this Webquest for a grade.


Social Studies:

Activity #1 : Research Your Brains Out!
Work with a partner to complete this activity. (25 points)

Step one: Complete activity using "Researching Your Brains Out!" worksheet

Step two: Print worksheet.

Step three: Using Resources, complete this worksheet. You must list all resources you use at the bottom of the worksheet. You may use other resources other than the internet.

Step four: Print out 2-4 pictures relating to Ancient Greeece and attach them to your worksheet.


Activity #2: Puzzle on Ancient Greece
Complete independently. (20 points)

Step one: Print out Puzzle worksheet. (2 pages)

Step two: Using Resources, complete this crossword puzzle.

Step three: Print out Word Search worksheet and complete.


Activity#3: Greek Olympics
Complete independently (25 points)

Step one: Using your Resources, learn about the Greek Olymics.

Step two: Choose one event of the Olympics and write a brief report on the topic.

Step three: Type your report and e-mail it to me for a grade. Please list all of the resources you used.



NC WiseOwl Click on Reference Zone and choose Grolier Encyclopedia Network Access.  Search for your topic.

Daily Life in Ancient Greece

Olympic Games

More Olympic Games



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