Expectations: Each student is required to research one Greek god or goddess.


The following information is to help guide you through this project:

1) Name of god or goddess

2) Thorough background information about the god or goddess. (parents? siblings? married? Where is he/she from? Where does he/she live?)

3) Special talents, skills, or traits (god of moon, strong, beautiful, ...)

4) Weaknesses or areas that cause trouble for the god or goddess (love weakness, liar, ..)

5) Create a poem or song about your Greek god or goddess.

6) In your own words, retell a myth about your god or goddess.

7) Dress up as your god or goddess on your day to present.

8) Prepare to answer a few questions about your god or goddess.


Options for Presentation

A) Oral presentation:



B) Research presentation: