Every Job is Important!


This WebQuest will help students learn about the importance of individual jobs in the community. Students will apply the terms "specialization" and division of labor" in operating their own business.

The Task

1. What types of jobs existed in colonial times? Are those jobs still around in our community today? Why or why not? How have they changed?

2. There are many different jobs in a business. What are the advantages of specializing and dividing the task among employees? What are the disadvantages?


Careers Past and Present Web Site

Colonial Jobs Template

Modern Day Jobs.html

Lemonade Stand Template

Lemonade Stand Web Site


1. Print out the Colonial Jobs Template listed in your Resources to use as you research jobs during the colonial period.

2. Go to the Careers Past and Present Web Site listed in your Resources. Read the introduction and discuss as a group. Use the Colonial Trades Web Site to select and read about one or more jobs during colonial times. Complete the colonial portion of the template.

3. Print the Modern Day Jobs Template listed in your Resources. Go to the MOIS Occupation List listed at the Careers Past and Present Web Site. Select Career Information link. Click on Show list of all careers in alphabetic order. Try to find the job that you researched at the Colonial Trades Web Site. (Be sure to look for the name used in today's society.)

4. Share your results with the class. Discuss the importance of each job during the colonial period and in today's society. Discuss why changes were necessary in the job description.

5. Like the community, a business depends on many different people within the company to do different jobs. Go into business with two other students and form a Lemonade Stand. Each of you will take one of the following jobs:

Certified Accountant: This person should be good at math! His job is to keep track of money spent and money earned. He should understand the terms profit, expenses, and income. This person should advises the Marketing Manager on how many glasses of lemonade he can afford to make.

Advertising Department: This is a person who knows what people really what and when they want it! For example he knows that when it is cold and rainy, most people are not interested in Lemonade. He would advise the business not to sell lemonade on those days. This person looks at the Weather Forcast and decides whether it would be profitable to sell lemonade that day. He also decides how many signs should be used for advertising sales.

Marketing Manger: This person is a good listener and a good decision maker. He gets advice from the Advertising Department about what the people may want the next day. Then gets advice from the Accountant about money issues. He then makes the final decision by entering the information into the computer!

6. Think of a good name for your lemonade business. Go to the Lemonade Stand Web Site listed in your Resources File. Register your business name and work for 25 days. Have Fun! Make sure that each person does his job!

7. After the game, each person should answer the following questions on the Lemonade Stand Template listed in your Resources. Discuss your results with the team and then with the class. These results will be interesting!


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