Challenges in Management

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You have just received a BIG promotion to a management position.  Working as a manager requires talent and skill. Everyday you will have to face new situations and tasks.  Your creativity and ability to think quickly will help you in many of these situations, however, for many of the challenges you encounter daily you must rely on techniques you have learned and the knowledge you have stored from previous training and education.  


The Task:
In this WebQuest you and your team will discover some of the top challenges managers face and ways to meet those challenges successfully.  


The Process:  Read all directions before you click!

At the computer:

  1. Go to the link for your assigned Resources section of this WebQuest.
  2. Follow all directions to research your challenge area. 

In the classroom:

  1. You will meet with your challenge team to discuss what you discovered in your research.
  2. Your challenge team will formulate a list of interview questions.
  3. After interviewing a manager you will meet back with your challenge team to discuss your results.
  4. Your challenge team will create a mobile to express what you learned in your research.
  5. You will meet with your business team to create a proposal and PowerPoint presentation on how management challenges should be handles in your business.

On your own:

  1. Interview a manager from your business field about your challenge area.
  2. Bring in items to include in your challenge mobile.



  1. Use your notes sheet as you research your challenge area.
  2. Click on the appropriate picture below to find resources for your challenge area.


Rubric for Challenge Team Mobile project

Rubric for Business Team Proposal project

Rubric for Business Team PowerPoint project


Now that you have finished the Management Challenges WebQuest you are ready to begin working in your project groups. At the completion of the Management Challenges unit you will be able to identify the reasons for some of the common challenges in management, propose solutions and tips for dealing with these problems, and explain how these tips can work in your everyday life.

This WebQuest  was created by Jennifer Grech, Aycock Middle School, Greensboro, NC.

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