The Moon's Many Faces


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Travel through space and time to learn the many faces of the moon and to answer the questions: Is the moon really made of cheese? Where does the moon go after 29-31 days? The purpose of this space journey is to learn about the moon phases and to find out what the moon is made of.



The Task:


The Process: (What to do)
At the computer:

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In the classroom:
Using white and black construction paper, scissors and glue, the students will cut out eight circles from the white and draw a moon phase on each one. They will then put the moon phases in order on black construction paper.


Links to all materials are provided in the Process portion of this WebQuest.





Upon the completion of this project, the students will be able to identify the eight moon phases using the correct terminology, and discuss what the moon is made of.



Teacher notes:
You may print and copy the Activity Sheet and Word Find for students before beginning the activity. Students will need to know how to click on links and use the "Back" buttons on the toolbar.

You may want to do a lesson to introduce the tool bar and how it is used and show how the tools on the tool bar are to be used.

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