Raleigh, A Virtual Tour of the State Capital

State Capitol - Photo courtesy of NC Division of Travel and Tourism
and the Educational Technology Division of NCDPI.

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Raleigh, the North Carolina state capital is the home of North Carolina's government offices, as well as the History Museum and the Museum of Natural Sciences. Come along and take a virtual tour of this North Carolina city.


The Task:

Your task is to visit and learn about several important places which are located in Raleigh: the Executive Mansion, State Capitol, State Legislative Building, and the NC Museum of Natural Sciences. You are going to participate in a virtual tour of the city and find the answers to questions as you go along your way. You will use map skills to find the location of important buildings in Raleigh. After completing the virtual tour, you will have an opportunity to get aboard a bus and actually visit the city in person.


The Process:

Read all directions before you click.

  1. Click on Online Virtual Tour of Raleigh to begin your quest. Use the links that are provided with each question to assist you in finding the answers.
  2. When all questions have been answered, click submit at the bottom of the page.
  3. If any answers are incorrect, click the browser's Back button to go back to the questions. Revisit the link, then choose another answer. Continue until all answers are correct.
  4. When finished, return to Raleigh, A Virtual Tour of the State Capital using the Go menu.
  5. Click on Resources and choose Carolina Clips: Raleigh.
    Choose any area to view the various government buildings.

  6. Take another tour by choosing: Tour More Places in Raleigh in the Resource list.



Carolina Clips: Raleigh

Online Virtual Tour of Raleigh

Tour More Places in Raleigh



Responses on the Raleigh, A Virtual Tour of the State Capital online worksheet will be evaluated.


Now you have toured Raleigh online and have learned many facts about the city. You are ready to board the bus and see the city in person. Have fun on your trip! :)


This WebQuest was written by Cindy Cooper, Technology Specialist, Guilford County Schools, in Greensboro, NC.

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