Mountains, Piedmont, or Coast?

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North Carolina is divided into three geographical regions. The governor has just hired you to persuade people moving into the state to live in either the Mountain, Piedmont, or Coastal region of the state.


The Task:

 You and your partner will select one of the three regions of North Carolina and complete a research grid using the resources given.  With this information you will develop a poster or a radio commercial designed to convince newcomers to North Carolina to live in your region. Your final product should include your region's:


The Process:

At the computer:

Read all directions before you click.

  1. Click on Resources. Click on the link to view and print the research grid.
  2. Click on NC Regions.  After studying the map, choose the region that you want to research.  Read the paragraph on the region you have chosen and take notes on your grid.
  3. Click on the following links to find more information to help you complete your grid.


In the classroom:

  1. Decide whether you are going to create a poster or radio commercial to persuade people to live in your region.
  2. Use the information on your research grid to plan your poster or radio commercial.
  3. Make your poster or radio commercial.  (You must complete a written script for your radio commercial before taping commercial.) 
  4. Present your product to the class.



Research Grid: View and print before beginning your WebQuest.

NC Regions

NC Geography

NC Land forms

Carolina Clips

materials provided in the classroom for poster and audiotape of radio commercial



Student's work will be graded by the rubric.



 After completing your WebQuest, making your presentation, and listening to other presentations in the class, you will have learned more about North Carolina's three geographical regions. 

Created by Mary Nifong, Fairview Elementary School

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