Poetry Break

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Need a break? How about a poetry break? Visit a pumpkin patch of poetry and read other students' poems. Learn about different types of poetry. Create, publish and illustrate your own original poems. It's fun and it's easy! How about a poetry pen pal? It's all right here.

The Task:

The Process:

At the computer:

Read all directions before you click.

1.Click on the word pumpkins.

2.Read and print all about poetry and samples.

3.Read and print examples of of cinquain poems from Mr. Napier's class at Central Elementary in Willard, Ohio.

4.Read and print examples of five w's poems from Mrs. Chartier's class at McBride School in St. Helen's, Oregon.

5.Print and complete cinquain worksheet.

6.Print and complete 5 w's worksheet.

In the classroom:

Using construction paper on your desk, create a poetry book. Illustrate your front and back cover.

Keep all handouts in your poetry book.

After completing a poetry's writer workshop with teacher, publish and illustrate your poems using paper on your desk.





After completing the Poetry Break WebQuest and making a poetry book, the student will have learned about different types of poetry and how fun and easy poetry can be.

Susan Brannan

GCS Webquests