Quilting Our Way
Through Geometry


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Do you have a quilt, afghan, or blanket that was made by a grandmother, a great-grandmother, or someone else special to you? It makes you feel special, doesn't it? Quilts are important for several reasons. They tell history. They are family heirlooms. Quilts even keep us warm.  Quilts also have many geometric qualities. Today you will venture into the world of quilting in order to learn more about geometry.  Let's get started!

The Task:

In this web quest, you will investigate quilts and the math used to create them.  You will:

After this web quest, a class book of quilt designs will be created as a final product.

The Process:                                                       

Before going to the computer lab, you will read several books (listed in Resources section) dealing with quilts.  You will also learn about symmetry and the geometric terms that are needed.

At the computer:

Read all directions before you click.

  1. Explore America Quilts  to see different quilts.  View no more than 5 quilts.
  2. Read the article Quilted Math .  Please stop reading at "Learn More".
  3. View and print, Geometry in Quilts.
    Go to American Patchwork Quilt Designs to view different quilt designs.
    Click the letters A-C, D-F, G-K, L-N, O-R, S-T, or U-Z. Then, scroll down and click the name of the design to view it. You will see an animation of the quilt pattern. To view another pattern, click the Back button.
    Complete the worksheet, Geometry in Quilts
  4. Go to Shape and Space in Geometry to explore how quilts are  formed using different symmetry.  Create a quilt square within this site.
  5. Go to American Patchwork Quilt Designs to choose a quilt type. At this site, choose a quilt block pattern.  View at least 4 different patterns.  You may click on the back button to return to the original site if you want to view other patterns.
  6. Go to American Patchwork Quilt Designs and choose Themes of Motion.  Scroll down to view motion themes from A-O.  Click P-Z to view more.  View at least 5 different design that show motion.

After going to the computer lab, back in the classroom:

  1. Using the quilt design coloring page that you printed, color a design to create the quilt.
  2. Now that you have ideas of different quilt designs, create your quilt design on graph paper.  Be sure to use geometric figures within your design.
  3. Write a description of your quilt design using geometric terms.  Be sure to discuss the shapes involved, the size of the shapes, the colors used, the symmetry used, etc. 

All designs and descriptions will be placed in a class book.


America Quilts
Quilted Math
American Patchwork Quilt Designs
Shape and Space in Geometry


 Your web quest assignment will be evaluated on the following:

  1. Work is completed on time.
  2. Geometry in Quilts sheet is complete and accurate.
  3. Quilt Design Coloring page is neat and complete.
  4. Original Quilt Design is neatly done.
  5. Description includes all shapes and sizes and also includes symmetry.


Through this web quest, you have explored much information about quilts.  You should have also learned more about how geometry is used in everyday life.  I hope you have enjoyed your time spent on the "Quilting Our Way Through Geometry" web quest.


   Quilting Our Way Through Geometry WebQuest  was designed and researched by Dacia Quate, Fifth Grade teacher at Alamance Elementary School (Guilford County Schools) in Greensboro, North Carolina.                                 

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