Recycle the Earth


The earth is our home and we need to protect it. Learn what you can do to help protect the earth. Find ways to recycle resources: air, water, fuel, etc.

The Environmental Protection Agency has created a web site that has many fun ways to learn about protecting our environment. Some are included here but explore their site for many others.


The Task:

1. Read "When Greenville Turned Brown."

2. Become familiar with the recycling vocabulary: precycling, recyling, reuse. Other terms related to recycling: conserve, environment.

3. Play the Dumptown game to practice your conservation saavy.

4. After reading information on how to protect the environment, develop a recycling survey and administer to students outside your class, teachers, and parents. Find out what percentage of people you survey recycle.

5. Create a poster to display in the school that encourages recycling.


The Process:

1. Print When Greenville Turned Brown recycling worksheet. As you read the story of what happened in Greenville, answer the questions.

2. Go to What's Wrong With This Picture. Follow EPA instructions to complete this activity.

3. Choose a partner and on one computer play the Dumptown game. There are four sections of town. Each partner will be the navigator of the computer for two sections of town.

4. Write the vocabulary terms, found above, on a sheet of paper. Visit the linked sites to find the definitions for these terms.

5. Find a graphic that represents recycling and create a poster and a slogan to display in your school that encourages recycling.



Environmental Protection Agency []

Barry's Animated Clip Art []

Waste Prevention World []



In You and Your Environment, choose the Activities button and choose any 5 activities to complete. When all activities are completed turn in to your teacher.




You have completed your study of environmental protection. Hopefully you have learned something you did not know; and consider starting a recycling program at home, if you do not already have one. Happy Recycling!!!



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