Rainforests: Temperate and Tropical

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There are two types of rainforest in the world - temperate and tropical. Temperate rainforests can be found in North America. Tropical rainforests are near the equator in Central and South America. Both types of rainforest are disappearing at an alarming rate. In this WebQuest you will explore the types of rainforests found in North, Central, and South America. You will compare and contrast the two types of forest and learn about the plant life that flourishes there.

The Task

Your task is to use the information from the website to:

The Process

Read all directions before you begin your work!!

Activity 1: Rainforest WebQuest

Activity 2: Write your report

Use your notes, VENN Diagram and answers to the questions in the Web Guide to write your report. Your report should include at least one paragraph on each of the following:

Activity 3: Use HyperStudio to create a Presentation on Rainforests of the Americas

Your HyperStudio presentation will have:



Rainforest Web Guide

The Evergreen Project - Rainforests of the World

VENN Diagram



The Rainforest Web Guide will be evaluated for accuracy.

The HyperStudio presentation will be evaluated based on the following:



Upon completion of this Rainforest project, students will know the difference between a temperate and a tropical rainforest. They will know about the plants that are found in these forests. Hopefully they will have a greater understanding as to the importance of the rainforest to the global ecosystem and why this resource should be preserved.


Rainforest: Temperate and Tropical was created by Cindy Cooper, Technology Specialist at Oak View Elementary School (Guilford County Schools), High Point, NC

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