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The tropical Rainforest is home for some of the most unusual plant and animal life on Earth. Many different types of animals live there. You are going to learn more about the rainforest and the plants and animals who are at home there.


The Task:

You will begin your quest by taking a tour.  (Before you begin your quest you should know the difference between a plant, an animal and an insect.) Look and listen as you take your tour. You will search the rainforest to find its inhabitants (the things that live there). When finished you will predict what would happen to the inhabitants if the rainforest was cut down.


The Process:

At the computer:

Many animals live in the rainforest so it is a noisy place.

Listen to the sounds of the rainforest. Click on:

Teacher Tip: If using Netscape on a Windows computer, click the back button after listening to the sound. If the sound opens in Windows Media Player, close the sound window after each sound has been played. Sounds can be downloaded and played offline if using a Macintosh computer.

Frog photographs and all sounds by: Marco Bleeker http://www.euronet.nl/users/mbleeker/suriname/suri-eng.html

Howler Monkey and Parrot photographs by Gerald R. Urquhart Ph.D.

Take a tour of the Rainforest. (Read all directions before you begin.)

  1. Print Rainforest Hidden Life Worksheet.
  2. Click on Start Virtual Rainforest Tour choose Option 1
  3. You will see a large picture of a rainforest.
  4. Move your mouse over the picture. Hidden plants, animals, and insects will appear. When you see one, click on it.
  5. Look at the picture and read the name at the top. Read some of the facts.
  6. Decide if the picture is showing a plant, animal or insect. 
  7. Write its name on your Rainforest Hidden Life Worksheet under the correct label.
  8. Click on Back to find another hidden inhabitant. Find as many as you can!

Let's get started! Remember; choose Option 1  

Start Virtual Rainforest Tour

In the classroom: (A group activity)



Rainforest: A Virtual Interactive Tour created by Gerald R. Urquhart

Virtual Tour of the Surinam Rainforest

Rainforest Hidden Life Worksheet



Students will self-check their Rainforest Hidden Life Worksheet as they work with the group to identify whether the inhabitants of the rainforest belong in the category: plant, animal or insects. 



After completing your Rainforest WebQuest you will know of many plants, animals, and insects who live in the rainforest.  You will discover how important the rainforest is to the living things who call it home.


Connie Hicks, Erwin Open School, Guilford County Schools, Greensboro, NC
Revised May 10, 2005

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