The Ancient Civilization Challenge!


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Our world is a very special place that is a mixture of many cultures, both past and present. Many of today's languages, religions, art, music, and ideas are a combination of things found in many ancient civilizations. Who where these people? What did they contribute? What would our world be like without them? These are the questions that need to be answered.

Three top scientific specialists have been chosen to research three of the world's most influential ancient civilizations: the Roman, the Greeks and the Vikings. You are being asked to assist these scientists in their research to find the answers to our questions. Welcome to our challenge!

The Task:
Your challenge is to assist three of the top scientific specialists, of anthropology, history and archeology in their quest to learn more about the ancient Romans, Greeks and Vikings. You will research their:

The scientists you are assisting are experts in their fields and they have provided you with resources that you can use in your research of very important information about about each ancient civilization.

The Process:

Read all directions before you click.

Each member of your group must visit the web sites in the resource section in order to learn more about the ancient civilizations you are researching.

Each member of your group will choose a scientist to assist. After you have chosen your scientist please view and print out a research page under that scientist's name.

Click on the web site listed next to your scientist's name and research your job description. Write a one to two sentence job description for your area of study at the top of your scientist research page.


Historian: Info Please: resource page (scroll down and enter your title in the dictionary box)

Research Page

Archeologist: MOIS: resource page (scroll down and find your title then click on the name)

Research Page


Anthropologist: Info Please: resource page (scroll down and enter your title in the dictionary box)

Research Page











You have embarked on a great journey of learning and if you were successful in completing this challenge you have learned many new things about several groups of people that came before us. Hopefully you will now have a new respect and understanding of how our history and the people in that history help to shape our lives today.


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